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How to Market Your Estate Agency: How to Take Care of Your Clients

As the real estate sector in Australia continues to grow for the 32nd year in a row, the competition has gotten tougher than ever before, according to industry analysts. Many estate agents are aware of the need of working with a good digital marketing firm to bring in new leads, but many are unaware of how to care for and nurture these new leads to expand their business via the happiness of satisfied clients.

In this post, we’ll talk about how to better serve your customers through marketing, as well as how to make the greatest product possible so that rivals don’t acquire an edge.

  1. Follow up on leads

As soon as you’ve invested in a digital marketing team to drive prospects to your door, the first thing you should consider is whether or not you have the resources to respond. Once your real estate leads begin to arrive, you and your team must be prepared to follow up on them immediately.

Using social media advertisements to attract customers and sellers who are actively seeking your products and services is an effective strategy. However, there is a drawback to this strategy: if you do not follow up with these leads as quickly as possible, your competitors’ advertisements will be shared with those potential consumers as well, and you may lose them.

Having the perfect automated email to alert them that you’ve received their inquiry and will be in touch with them shortly, or how the person who calls them initially is received, are all important first impressions.

As a result, having the appropriate customer service staff in place to contact your clients and answer within one working day is critical. Other considerations include customer relationship management systems (CRMs) such as Pipeline, which consolidate all of your questions into one platform, such as social network advertisements and website inquiries. This makes it easy to manage, keep track of, and follow through on your goals and objectives.

Tip: Keep in mind that leads might come in the shape of comments on posts, direct messages, or even simple likes on social media.

  1. Make a good-faith effort to provide value.

People, particularly in the real estate market, are always looking for the most possible value for their money. Although giving out freebies may seem paradoxical from a business standpoint, it is an excellent approach to create trust with a customer and distinguish your company from the competition. In a sea of competition, the objective is to be remembered for making the greatest product or service available. It also gives you out-of-the-box marketing concepts for attracting new customers.


You may also use some related images instead of a logo, but make sure to improve their quality first by addressing photo editing services.. Additionally, your firm will be paraded through the city while their things are transferred, which will be beneficial to both you and your clients.

People who are looking to purchase or sell a house can take advantage of free Live Q&A seminars. This will establish you as a subject matter expert in your profession and help you establish a strong relationship with your target audience (whilst collecting their information).

Provide free house appraisals, which may be done instantaneously online or in-person over time. This is another excellent tool for gathering data and obtaining email addresses for marketing needs, such as campaign marketing.

Create aesthetically appealing graphic maps of the local region to encourage potential consumers to visit the stores, restaurants, and parks in the neighborhood. You may make them exciting and participatory by using video and audio. It’s important to remember that individuals buy a property for the lifestyle that it will provide – and a lot of this is tied to the surrounding neighborhood. By doing so, you may engage the local community and get to know the region better, which serves as a kind of marketing for your real estate firm in and of itself (don’t forget to hand out your business cards).

In your social media marketing efforts, offer out tools and information that will be beneficial to your potential clients. The majority of individuals (particularly millennial purchasers) will notice if you oversell instead of providing online value from a long distance. Customer-attracting phrases such as “How to make your home more sellable in five minutes” or “Checklist of everything a buyer would search to find a flaw in your property” are excellent examples of how to attract consumers. You can also use this structure to develop excellent SEO material for blogs, which will help you rank better on Google and other search engines.

  1. Make a present for someone!

Once a sale or transaction has been completed, remember to express your appreciation to your consumer by sending them a meaningful gift. This will help to strengthen existing ties and make a lasting impact on others. Keep in mind that word of mouth is still one of the most effective marketing techniques available.

You’ll get more wow value from your present if it’s unique, and if you can find a way to tie it back to your real estate firm, you’ll be on your way to success. The majority of individuals will share their presents on social media, resulting in free advertising for you. It also offers you fodder for your social media platforms since people are always interested in hearing about someone’s achievement!

  1. Evaluations and referrals

Produce a questionnaire for your customers and ask them to offer you reviews or create testimonials for you on your website. People place a high value on the views of others. As a result, by soliciting customer input, you may enhance your services while also utilizing the information to further market your company.

Tip: After a negative encounter, the majority of individuals deliberately seek out and leave negative reviews. Consequently, you must actively seek favorable evaluations that will encourage other people to place their faith in your company.

In addition, creating a referral system, whether it’s an Amazon gift certificate or a free massage, is an excellent marketing approach because it rewards existing consumers while also attracting new ones!

  1. Communication

This may seem like a simple technique to show your clients that you care, yet it is frequently overlooked. Show up on time for appointments, communicate with your clients frequently on the progress of the procedure rather than having them chase you, and recall personal information.

People adore the feeling of being heard. For example, if you can recall things such as the fact that their child’s birthday is coming up next week or that they are a great AFL fan, you can utilize this information to create a connection with them and demonstrate that you truly care. This is an excellent method to position yourself for success and earn significant brownie points in the eyes of your peers.


You should keep in mind that fresh leads will only go you so far if you don’t have the resources or skill set to properly serve your clients’ needs. Investing in CRM systems, free services, and training for team members may seem like a significant financial outlay at first, but it is little when compared to the amount of value and credibility you will bring to your real estate firm.

Learn more here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lead_generation

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