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Pros & Cons of Decking with Merbau Timber

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Trying to decide whether Merbau decking is the right option for your home? Our detailed blog will provide you with all information you require to decide on whether to invest in Merbau deckings. We will provide an overarching review of the history, popularity, sizes & significance, facts & figures, advantages and disadvantages before you need to take a decision on whether it is a worthwhile investment. 

The History 

Travelling back to the origins of Merbau decking, Merbau timber got popularised in South East Asia. The usage varies in various segments, including construction, indoor and outdoor furniture, internal interiors, flooring, decking, marine construction and musical instruments. Merbau itself comes from a very popular tree called the Kwila Tree. 

Often compared to jarrah (a eucalyptus tree native to Western Australia), buying merbau decking is often sourced from tropical. Common places for sourcing merbau decking includes Queensland, Australia, and Indo-Pacific islands such as Samoa, Tanzania, India and Madagascar.  

Sizes & Significance 

Merbau timber & merbau decking size are available in numerous configurations such as 70 x 19mm, 90 x 19mm and 140 x 19mm. There a numerous applications which are commonly used for merbau decking in Australia which includes;

  1. Outdoor decking
  2. Undercover decking
  3. Decking around pools
  4. Decking near spas
  5. Indoor decking and outdoor greens area  Raised decking 
  6. Decking with a balcony 
  7. Decking for pergola
  8.  Decking in the porch and entrance
  9. Decking around the side of the house 
  10. Decking for a side path 

Merbau timber is sourced from plantations throughout Australia, as it’s dense, durable, and one of the best investments in terms of delivering high-quality outcomes for your home.  Undoubtedly, the sale and perceived value applied to the home with a merbau decking finish will bring value back to the owner. In addition to this, the unparalleled resilience & usability of weathering comes with different timber varieties.   

Facts & Figures 

There are numerous facts & figures relating to merbau decking that will help you make the right decision for your upcoming project.

  1. Merbau decking is resilient indoors and outdoors and excels well in all weather conditions.
  1. If taken care of, merbau decking can last for in excess of 20 years.
  1. Merbau decking is majorly used for building projects, musical instruments and the construction of engineering structures. 
  1. Highly flexible and durable that it adapts well to movement.
  1. Resistant to shrinkages in comparison with the other timbers.
  1.   Easy to work with & malleable hardwoods
  1. Sure to seek the attention of your guests & shall undoubtedly double up the vibrancy of the entire space.
  1.   Rich in colour and carrying a deep-reddish brown tone, its of smooth colour is exceptionally pleasing to the eye
  1.   According to the annual Adbri Masonry Great Australian Backyard survey, around 25 per cent of Australians spend seven or more hours a week in their backyard.  Providing a pleasing environment for Australia’s climatic conditions will ensure you get the most out of your backyard.

Some other pros and cons of buying Merbau decking in Melbourne. 

Pros of merbau decking

  1. Durable 

Durability always impresses. Supremely studded in brown colour, merbau decking quickly turns an expansive space into a beautiful area where you can party, relax, and enjoy the serenity! All colours, shapes, and sizes allow space owners to choose what reflects their personality & lifestyle.  

  1. Natural Oil

Merbau timber decking is blessed with natural oil, which helps safeguard the functionalities of your merbau decking. This is different to other types of water-based oil and & oil-based oils, which will generally degrade over time.

We highly recommend sealing your deck to ensure the longest possible timeframe for your deck to look in its prime.

  1. Fire Resistant Characteristics

Merbau is classified as a bushfire-resisting timber in Australia because it has fire characteristics similar to timber treated with a fire retardant. Therefore purchasing merbau decking for your backyard is a solid choice.  Merbau incorporates blackbutt, red ironbark, red river gum, silver top ash, gum and turpentine.  

  1. Value of merbau

Appealing, prestigious and practical. These three words truly signify the value associated with  Merbau decking. Merbau is a beautiful timber that shades far longer than the other varieties. As the timer ages, the colour alters from brown to reddish brown and grows a grain design. 

  1. Low Shrinkage

Merbau decking has a low shrinkage rate, is stable, longer-to-use, meaning you get better bang for your buck. 

  1. Environmental Option

Merbau wood is generally considered a sustainable wood thanks to its carbon sequestration and storage ability. Although not the best option out of all of the woods from an environmental perspective, there are a number of suppliers in Australia who are responsibly servicing this market. 

Overall, merbau decking is a solid choice that is highly regarded in Australia no matter which state or territory you live in. 

Cons of merbau decking

  1. Oily

Merbau decking gets oily, and wet and bleeds tannins. This can make the surface build-up puddles of water or become slippery. We would suggest using purchasing new decking to minimise the potential hazards.

  1. Environment 

Despite merbau decking generally being a sustainable wood choice,  the high cost associated with tropical forest deforestation due to logging and long haulage distances makes it less sustainable than some other timber choices.

  1. Expensive

Buying Merbau decking in Melbourne can be expensive compared to other timber varieties. Given that a large portion of merbau decking in Australia is imported, the costs associated with this can be prohibitive.

We genuinely hope this helped you to make a decision about whether merbau decking is the right option for your outdoor space. Our perspective is that merbau decking overall provides a great luxe option for decking, fencing, and screening.

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