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The Best of Star Track Courier Services at Your Advantage

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We are the best company in Australia. Our company has been owned by the Australia post from two-thousand three. And now we are the largest merchandise and logistic company in Australia. We have a wide-ranging national network which gives six-teen thousand vehicles and has millions of delivery points. Our company can deliver the packages into more than one hundred ninety countries.

Record of Star Track 

Our startrack courier delivery services:

  • Domestic parcels same day- 24/7 exact on same day metro delivery
  • Domestic road express- The national business to the business distribution solution
  • Domestic premium- The delivery gets received the next day
  • Next flight- 24×7 on same day interstate delivery

How to Book the Service 

If you want to book our services, you just need to follow some simple steps so that you can get the quote and book. You just need to fill out the fast courier quotes where you need to include the details of your shipment so that you can get a free quote from our company. We provide a various variety of affordable delivery solutions starting from its regular road express service to its next flight option which guarantees you the same-day delivery. We can meet all your shipping requirements like your budget’s priority and speed. Our domestic courier service provides free tracking and proof of delivery.

Shipping of the Merchandise 

Our special service departments are much dedicated to shipping compound merchandise from coast to coast. It includes big sized and different shapes of goods, sensitive and delicate goods, it carries even those goods which are difficult to deliver. Our company provides the best service. We also have a security express service that specializes in handling secure items like sensitive and important documents and military equipment. Our company operates the security coordinate center for twenty-four hours to make sure that the customers don’t face any problems.

Weight of the Material 

Our company is owned by the Australian post, and it offers the same international shipping solutions. The packages which go to the major MetroPolitan areas get delivered in 1-2 working days. The maximum weight for the international packages is 20 kgs and the length of the package is one hundred five centimeters. You should always keep in mind that the shipment must conform to the customer about the customs regulation and the destination country. You should always check the banned items list before posting any package. Our shopping cart additions are eBay, Amazon, Shopify, and Magento.  

Getting Instant Quote 

Now you may have a dough of how to get the instant quote, don’t worry about it you will get it on our site, you just need to fill up some blocks as per the required information which we have asked for, just fill it up and book it up and save it. It’s the main procedure of getting an instant quote.

Delivery of the Service 

You can believe our services. If you are having any kind of trouble or any kind of question, feel free to contact us. You can send mails on our mail id which we have provided on our websites page. You can also contact our helpline service, which is always available for twenty-four hours just for you. You will get your required information from our helpline service executives. 

Originally posted 2021-06-22 19:33:58.

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