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Top 10 Australian Internet Providers

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Here, I’ll tell you the top 10 Internet providers in Australia. This article will also help you to choose the best for you. 

1. Tangerine Telecom:

Tangerine Telecom is a popular internet provider in Australia. It provides three plans to its customers. These are Standard Speed, XL Speed Boost, and XXL Speed Boost. XL Speed Boost is the most popular plan, selected by customers. 

XL Speed boost plan will cost you $59.90/MTH. It also gives 42 Mbps Typical evening speed. It provides unlimited data service. 

2. Telstra:

Telstra is an American Telecommunication Company. The headquarters of Telstra is located in Melbourne, Australia. It provides the Australian best mobile network with 5G speed.  It has good speed and works better compared with any other network. 

It also provides you with the points if you pay the bill. Points will help in getting gifts from Telstra. So it is popular among Australian people. It provides unlimited data service. It also gives an additional bonus of 3 months. It gives plans with access to the Superfast 4GX network.

3. Belong:

Belong is completely owned by Telstra. Belong provides its customers with many plans, one of these is “Build a plan” to its customers.  By this plan, customers are free to build contract terms and they can also choose things like NBN speed and data according to their own convenience. 

It provides unlimited data. It has 4 popular broadband plans with a minimum price of $130 and a maximum cost of $660. 

4. Aussie Broadband:

Aussie Broadband service is an Australian company. It was established in 2008 and its headquarters is located in Australia. It provides internet, mobile, and other services also. This company is very polite towards its customers as it helps its customers in resolving their problems and complaints.

It provides many plans for its customers. The basic plan costs $59/month. It gives unlimited data with good internet speed 

5. Vodafone:

Vodafone has recently launched NBN plans. Choosing any Vodafone plan is quite easy for its customers because every plan of Vodafone provides you with unlimited data services and other facilities are also a little bit similar. Customers just have to select for speed and price, by which they are happy. 

You can also get $10 off on monthly payments for 6 months. It will also provide a free Wi-Fi hub with every plan.

6. TPG:

TPG is popular as cut-price internet and it provides its customers with high speed of internet connection. TPG gives many options to its customers so that they can select the best plan for themselves. 

TPG provides unlimited data services.  It provides three NBN speeds. These are Basic, Standard Plus, and Premium. 

7. iiNet:

iiNet is a leading internet provider in Australia. It also provides a naked DSL service to its customers.  Naked DSL service is an attractive option for the people because not all the service providers give this option. 

iiNet gives unlimited data service to its customers. It offers many plans and options so that the customers have a variety to choose from. iiNet has won many awards also for providing services.

8. Superloop:

Superloop is one of the newest service providers. It has a whole subsea cable capacity and domestic fiber. It has better control over its network than other providers. It also provides fast speed as well as troubleshooting. 

Superloop gives many plans to its customers. It gives unlimited data service. There are different and variant costs of the plan which provide variation to the customers.

9. SpinTel:

SpinTel is an Australian telecommunication company. It mainly provides residential broadband. It was founded in 1996 and its headquarters is located in Sydney, Australia.  It only serves its service in the area of Australia. 

It provides unlimited data.  It fulfills the home and business requirements of a customer. The base price is identical. It offers mobile broadband, 4G broadband and it is one of the first small providers to start providing 5G home wireless broadband.

10. Internode:

Internode is a long-lasting Australian broadband service provider. It provides a number of features to its customers.  It provides a static IP address for $10 a month.  It also offers to Fetch TV service that makes this broadband unique because there is not a lot of service providers to give that facility.

It gives unlimited data service. It provides many plans for its customers with a minimum cost of $79.99. It has won many awards for its work in the field of internet service.

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