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The History of Swiss Logistics

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Logistics came to the world as a gift from Ancient Rome and Greece, where transportation of war supplies was the only goal. This was mainly done so that all the soldiers could move confidently and efficiently across land and sea.

After the Second World War, things started to change rapidly. People started believing that logistics shouldn’t be confined to the military sector alone. In this era of globalization, Switzerland didn’t lag behind.  Logistics companies in Switzerland didn’t always have the same air of authority and respect as they do today. In this article, we are going to show you a brief history of Swiss logistics.  Rather the logistics sectors of Switzerland were far richer than most other countries in the world, so they began expanding and developing highly advanced supply chain systems.

Swiss Logistic Industry

Logistics and the supply chain are interrelated. Simply put, logistics is the process of supplying goods and services through many stages of production, storage, and distribution. The Swiss logistics industry is one of the leading pillars that support the country’s strong economy. Today the industry is worth over 39 billion CHF. If we had to put an estimate, it’s 7% more than the Swiss GDP!

Swiss logistics doesn’t only involve its powerful transportation facilities. Swiss logistics also includes:

  • Order Processing & Handling
  • Storage & Holding
  • Management & configuration of goods
  • Logistics Outsourcing

In the early days, Swiss logistics companies were focused on the loading and unloading of trucks. However, since digitization began, the Swiss started using airways in their operations. This evolution resulted in the use of warehouses, servicing products, planning inventory, and delivering services to the customers. The IT sectors are working continuously on developing apps for controlling the logistics industry. The Swisssupply chain is huge, and it can get messy, hence the importance of integrating logistics software and application such as CartonCloud to assist businesses to adapt and evolve technologically.

Some Prominent Logistics Companies in Switzerland

Gone are the days when Switzerland had a single logistics company. A large number of logistics companies now rule the Swiss economy. The way these companies are controlling the delivery, storing of goods is world-class and superior to many other nations around the globe.

Here’s a list of a few of the trendsetting logistic companies now operating in Switzerland:

  • Apextrans
  • Such Consulting
  • Swiss Expo Logistics
  • Schneider
  • Five Star Logistics

Were these Logistics Companies always Successful?

No, of course not! The top logistics companies in Switzerland had to fight their way to the top. The fight for a trade license, arranging warehouses, registering transport and cargo, waiting for loans to get sanctioned, every part was a struggle. Then again, this wasn’t their biggest challenge. The biggest challenge was to make their logistics company stand out from the rest.


The history of the Swiss logistics industry is an interesting story. From one operational trucking company to a vast array of European networks spanning road and air, the industry certainly had its own ups and downs, however, there are now a number of companies leading the way in the supply chain.

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