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The Construction Industry amidst the COVID – 19 Pandemic

The COVID 19 pandemic has left many industries in disarray as governments impose more rules to curb the spread of this virus that to date seems unstoppable. As movement control initiatives are moved into place that restricts populations from performing their routines, businesses are left without choice but to scale down on their business activities or revise their business strategies in order to sustain their business and remain afloat. As it is with any event that affects the entire world, different businesses are affected at different levels, whilst some businesses wind down, others wind up. For instance, industries that cater for the medical industries such as the rubber glove industry, whereas the construction industry toned down on large scale construction projects as the pandemic worsened.

New Strategies

Adapting to situations that befall businesses is a critical success factor and adapting usually requires new strategies to be implemented. As bigger projects involving large number of workers get postponed or even cancelled, construction outfit management are forced to look at projects that can be accomplished with lesser people on site. Some construction outfits replaced human elements with machines which proved to be more costly in some instances and cheaper in other situations. As an example small scale construction projects such as landscaping projects were reorganised, raw man labour power were replaced by machines from a Melbourne mini excavator hire company.

Outfits that intended to purchase mini excavators to cater for the lack of man power found project costs exceeding revenue which made management realise that it was cheaper to hire mini excavators than to buy them. Although buying these excavators seemed to be an alternative, careful assessment revealed that the cost of keeping such machines and maintaining them when jobs are scarce did not justify the R.O.I (Returns on Investment).

Small scale construction projects which include home improvement, landscaping, land clearing and demolition of small structures benefited greatly from using Melbourne excavator hire services. These machines (mini excavators & mini dumpers) have been found to be exceedingly versatile and in fact more suited for such jobs (small scale construction projects) that were readily accepted by construction companies as the COVID pandemic keeps the industry from moving forward.

Strategic Revisions

The COVID pandemic demands for the entire construction industry to revisit its business strategies as the pandemic ravages on. Although replacing labour force with equipment or machines may not sound appeasing to most during such times, sustaining the business should be given temporary priority. This would ensure that jobs will be available in the future when the pandemic subsides. It is critical that these businesses look for ways that limit human interaction as much as possible.

Getting equipment such as mini dumpers and mini excavators, which are able to accommodate human workforce is among the initiatives that are being taken by many construction companies, especially smaller construction companies that are finding it quite difficult to cope with the current situation which is expected to last for quite a while.

Originally posted 2020-11-05 15:08:50.

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