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Top 10 Beaches in Brazil You Should Travel after This Pandemic

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Brazil takes up half of the land in South America and is located right on the Atlantic Ocean. It is a great destination, especially for those who look for exotic beaches to experience. The country is full of golden beaches and the most beautiful coastlines in the continent that has a very vibrant charm. 

The beaches in the country are surrounded by trails, hills and highlighted with golden hues. Though the country has many gorgeous beaches that you can visit. So, narrow down your searches and visit copa airlines official site right away to get your flight booking done at very affordable rates and you can also find out the cheap flight booking deals over there. Book now and get ready for a perfect beach vacation. We ensure you can’t go wrong with this list of the best beaches in Brazil.

A rundown list of best beaches in brazil you must be there for vacation

  • Copacabana 

Located one is right in the heart of Rio de Janeiro, Copacabana is the most famous beach in Brazil. This beach has Crescent-shaped coastlines that stretch for almost 4 kilometers. Copacabana is perfect for a relaxing vacation where you can enjoy the golden sands and an impressive boardwalk with a black-and-white checked pattern of Portuguese stone flanks the sand. Copacabana is also a location perfect to enjoy the festival and events in the country.

  • Baia do Sancho 

Located along the Fernando de Noronha archipelago, Baia do Sancho is usually recognized as a part of the top ten lists of world beaches. Baia do Sancho is a volcanic island and Brazil’s first Marine Park. This beach is also on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list. Baia do Sancho has unmatched pristine beauty and clear blue water that attracts tourists all over the world. This beach lives up to its reputation and hype and continues to impress visitors with its stunning vibrant visuals and scenery.

  • Ipanema

One of Rio de Janeiro’s most popular tourist spots today, Ipanema is one of the best beaches in Brazil. It has a long curving coastline of white sands and rolling waves. It is nestled between Copacabana and Leblon and is less crowded compare to the other beaches. It is the best destination to surf in the country due to its mild winters and massive waves. 

The entire beach is also surrounded by shops, restaurants, galleries, cafes, and entertainment facilities. A perfect destination to bask under the sun and enjoy the waves of this paradise.

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  • Jericoacoara 

Situated in the secluded north end of Brazil, Jericoacoara is commonly known as Jeri Beach. The location of Jericoacoara requires an hour’s drive from the city and is quite a hindrance to its rise to popularity. Jericoacoara has the most virgin sands and peaceful spots for windsurfing. 

This beach has spectacular coastal views and sand dunes. It is a perfect spot to get-away from the city while enjoying the water accompanied by stunning sunset views. Its most striking feature is the famous sunset dunes and green flash that occurs as the sun sinks straight down into the ocean’s horizon. 

  • Ilha Grande

Situated on the coast of Rio de Janeiro, Ilha Grande is an island used as a leper colony and remained uninhabited for centuries. As a result, centuries of being uninhabited, the island’s lush vegetation was preserved not experience a lot of environmental pressures and destruction that come with the development and advancement of everything. 

Now Ilha Grande has one of the prettiest and healthy rainforests that remained unspoiled and serves as a habitat for many endangered species. Though Ilha Grande has already gained popularity and has been attracting tourists, the island remained laid back. Its long beach, lush rainforest, rolling waves, and crystal clear water are some of the reasons why Ilha Grande is a top beach in Brazil.

  • Santos Beach

Santos Beach is located is the largest seaport in the Sao Paulo region. It is known for being the center of trade of local and international goods. The most famous product being exported in Santos is coffee that gains millions of dollars for the country. Santos Beach features a long stretch beach surrounded by vibrant, colorful gardens, and also recognized as the longest beach garden in the world. Santos Beach can get very crowded due to its pleasing landscapes and hues. 

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  • Ilha de Tinhare 

Located in the city of Cairu, Ilha de Tinhare is only accessible by boat or catamaran. The remoteness of the island actually one of its most striking features, offering a peaceful and relaxing vacation. The island has walking paths that visitors take to find that white sand beach and beautiful wild areas. Some of the famous beaches on the island are Gamboa Beach, Quarta Pra, Segunda Praia, and Quinta Praia (Praia do Encanto). This is a perfect place to experience paradise and island life.

  • Praia de Pipa 

Discovered in 1970 in the town of Pipa, Praia de Pipa has been a cultural haven for travelers. The beach offers clean waters and a chance to snorkel with the dolphins, turtles, and species of fish that live in the water of Praia de Pipa. This beach Is vibrant and a little colloquial. 

  •  Praia do Forno 

Praia do Forno was once home to pirates and slave traders and is located in the coastal village of Buzios. Praia do Forno is composed of 20 beaches surrounding the entire area. It has been considered as of the most beautiful regions in the world for having a diverse landscape. It has trails, beaches that are nestled in the massive cliffs, rock formations, and healthy sea life. 

  • Praia do Campeche 

Praia do Campeche is located in the popular city of Florianopolis, home to 42 unique beaches. Praia do Campeche is the most famous of those 42, especially to surfers and beachgoers. It is rich in scenery, archaeological sites, and vegetation. 

We hope that this guideline will help you while traveling to Brazil. If you have any further query, please let us know in the comments section.

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