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There Are 5 Different Types of Scrubber Rentals

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Although many medium and large businesses can afford floor scrubbers and sweepers for business use, most small businesses can’t. These powerful machines are expensive, and not all businesses have the funds to purchase them. However, these businesses still need to keep their premises clean. For this reason, several companies in Australia offer scrubber rental and finance leasing plans. Even if you are a small business, you can rent or lease a scrubber easily with the help of a custom plan tailored just for you.

Let’s discuss the five common types of scrubber rentals so you can find one that is best suited for your business needs:

Short and Long-Term Rentals

Although many businesses prefer to own assets, scrubber rentals in Australia are quite popular, especially for those businesses that do not have sufficient funds to invest in large assets. 

Short-Term Rental: A short-term cleaning equipment rental is a rental plan of a minimum of one month offered to clients who meet the criteria for borrowing and lending. The equipment is offered for rent and is delivered to the borrower’s business site. Operators at the business site are then properly trained to use the machines as intended. 

In the case of short-term rentals, any damage to the machines through abuse or misuse is charged to the borrower’s rental fee. In most cases, short-term rentals are paid upfront as scrubbers and sweepers are subject to availability.

Long-Term Rental: There are also several long-term cleaning equipment rental companies in Australia. A long-term rental is a contract in which a business engages with an equipment lender to rent out a floor scrubber or any other piece of equipment on a three, four, or five-year fixed hire fee. This fee includes complete maintenance.

The rental company agrees to provide the scrubber, deliver it to the business site, train the staff on-site and maintain the equipment throughout the rental term. A long-term rental is the easiest type of rental as it takes away all the maintenance headaches. The lending company ensures the machine is always functional and takes care of predetermined maintenance. 

Commercial Hire Purchase

Commercial hire purchase is a type of finance where you hire the asset and use it until you make the very last payment. When you make the final payment on the asset, the title and ownership transfer to you. 

Commercial hire purchase has several benefits. It is highly flexible and allows you to tailor the payment options, the loan period, deposit amount, and the larger final balloon payment. To help small businesses manage their cash flow, commercial hire purchase offers structured payments established according to the business’s particular financial condition.

Operating Lease

Many small businesses prefer using operating leases to fund scrubbers, sweepers, and many different assets. They work quite similarly to short and long-term rentals. Payments towards operating leases are considered operating costs and do not appear as a liability on the company’s balance sheet. The financier retains ownership over the asset throughout the lease term (usually one to five years). The client has to return the asset at the end of the term. 

When leasing an asset on an operating lease, businesses have to make fixed monthly payments. These payments typically cover scheduled servicing and maintenance. An operating lease is perfect for a small business as it provides what the business needs to operate without affecting it financially.

Chattel Mortgage 

A chattel mortgage is also a popular finance solution for renting floor scrubbers and sweepers. In this type of rental, the rental company secures the loan agreement by using the purchased asset as collateral. In this case, buyers own the asset from the beginning.

A chattel mortgage has several benefits. You can choose to tailor your loan payments by choosing your loan term (maximum five years). You can also opt for a large initial deposit and a larger final instalment. You can also creatively structure your payments to free up cash flow whenever you need it the most. 

Finance Lease

Lastly, in case of a financial lease, the rental company owns the asset, and the leasing party is responsible for returning it at the end of the term. Most sole traders, partnerships, corporate entities, government entities, and home businesses prefer leasing machines over a specified term (between three to five years); the longer the term, the lower the monthly payments. The residual amount is pre-determined to ensure the transparency of the agreement. 

There are no additional costs in a financial lease, apart from a prepayment equivalent to one month’s lease payment. Clients only have to pay the agreed-upon monthly repayments and, at the end of the lease, they can also choose to pay the predetermined residual amount to receive full ownership of the equipment.

Get a Scrubber on Rent Today!

The days of investing in manual cleaning labour are over! Now you can save big bucks by renting out floor scrubbers for your business. Whether you run a warehouse or own a departmental store, invest in scrubber rental services to make cleaning and maintenance a lot faster and efficient. 

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