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Using Planters to Decorate your Home or Business

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Many homeowners and business owners are looking for ways to make their property more appealing. For themselves, for visitors, for family and employees to better enjoy being there. One of the great options from planter business like IOTA is to buy some beautiful planters. They are a great investment adding style, greenery and life to various outdoor or indoor spaces like an outdoor dining area, your garden, in the reception area, next to a pool and more. You could even choose to have custom planters made specifically for your design needs. Here is a closer look at the options.

Illuminate your planters for a great source of light

One great option is to look for planters that are illuminated. They are internally-lit so as well as being a place to enjoy what is growing inside them, they also offer a source of light. Perfect for when people leave work when it gets dark to light a pathway. Also great in a garden when you have friends over in the evening to add a cozy atmosphere. There are different colours and you can find the best design for your needs.

Put in a trellis to save some space

Having a trellis with a planter is a great way to grow things vertically. This makes sense for a few reasons, but the main ones being you can use them to turn bare or ugly walls into something nicer to look at, and it means even if you have limited space you can add some plants and greenery. A few well placed trellises can even give a perfect private area in the garden.

Use some classic hanging baskets

Hanging baskets are classic and they remain popular for good reason. Create another level of colour and life that is off the floor and something people can enjoy. You can also use them when ground space for planters is more limited.

Make use of your exterior walls

We have already talked about the walls and how you can do something with them but there are also planter boxes you can hang from walls to add appeal to them that way.

Use planters as borders or dividers

You can also find planters that can be used as dividers or borders, in rooms or outside. Rather than using something dull and uninteresting that adds nothing to the room take a look at large planters with IOTA that can divide a space in an attractive manner.

Use large planters as benches

Have a space in the garden or the outside area where people can sit and relax and de-stress that are large planters people can also use as benches!

Create Custom Planters

When you are not completely happy with the planters that are available whether you are looking for something for your home or a commercial property, you can consider your options for getting custom planters. These are something you can design following the guidelines offered and then they are made to your specifications

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Originally posted 2020-11-10 14:54:57.

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