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Best Australian University for Psychology

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Psychology is a subject that deals with human minds. Now, people are referring more to psychology. There were a lot of Universities that offered Psychology as a subject to their students. Many students are looking for the best university to study Psychology. And many students want to study in Australia.

So here, I will tell you the Top 5 best Australia University for Psychology:

1. University of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne was founded in 1853. Melbourne University has seven campuses across Melbourne. Melbourne School of Psychological Science is located in the Redmond Barry Building. It is ranked 14 in the subject of Psychology. It provides an experienced and professional facility to their students. 

The University is ranked 25 in the list of Best Global Universities. It is ranked 1st in Best Global university in Australia. Melbourne University of Psychology provides a wide range of subjects including educational psychology, clinical psychology, clinical neuropsychology, etc. 

2. University of New South Wales

The University of New South Wales was established in 1949. It is located in the Sydney suburb of Kensington. It is one of the Australian top ranked Universities. This University is well known for providing education in every subject including psychology. It provides world-class education to its students. It has its own research community of more than 8000. 

University of New South Wales is a big university and has about 46,000 students including 20,000 foreign students. It has 1100 well-educated staff.  It also has international staff, who were working for this university. This university provides a friendly atmosphere for its foreign students also. 

The University is ranked 51 in Best global University and 5th in the best global university in Australia. It is ranked 17th in the subject of psychology.

3. University of Queensland Australia

The University of Queensland Australia was founded in 1909. It is located in Brisbane, Australia. It has 3 campuses; these are the St Lucia campus, the Gatton Campus, and the Herston Campus. This university provides many options to its students some of these are business, engineering, architecture, law, biological behavior, psychology, humanities, agriculture, etc. English is the preferred language used to communicate in this university. 

It has the capacity of about 40,300 students in its camps including 15,000 foreign students. It has 1,137 academic staff including 370 foreign academic staff. It is ranked 36 in Best Global Universities and 3rd in Best Global University in Australia. It is 36th in the subject wise ranking for psychology.

4. University of Sydney

The University of Sydney is the oldest University in Australia and it was established in 1850. It is located in Sydney, Australia. It is a public University. It provides students with several academic options, so they can select any subject of their choice. It has 16 academic divisions, which include arts and social science, law, business, medicines, etc. English is the preferred language used in this University.

This university has 47,719 students including 20,212 foreign students. It has 2,453 academic staff and 660 of these are foreign academic staff. It has 1,253 staff only for research work. It is ranked 27th in the list of Best Global University and 2nd best University in Australia. Psychology is ranked 37th compared with other Universities.

5. University of Western Australia

 The University of Western Australia was established in 1911 and it is located in Perth, Australia. It is a Public University. This university is very popular among international students. It has a huge campus having 160 acres of land. It also provides specialized courses to its students. It has 19,520 total enrollment including 5,166 foreign students. It has 439 staff for research work.

It is ranked 79th in the Best Global University and 8th in Best Global University in Australia. It is ranked 75th in the field of Psychology.


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