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Best Australian Credit Cards for Overseas Travel

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A Credit card is a card that is issued by any financial institution to take the advantage of any goods or services without money according to the limit of that card. The holders of credit cards were supposed to pay the whole amount at the end of the month.

Travel credit cards are the card that was used for overseas nations also while traveling. But the interest rates of these cards were high. While traveling, these cards were mostly used for booking hotels, restaurant bills, and hiring cars.
In this list, I will tell you the top 3 best Australian credit cards that can be used for overseas travel.

1. 28 Degree Platinum

28 Degree Platinum credit card is known as the best value Australian credit card. It provides you with no annual or foreign transaction fees on a purchase. It gives a free interest of 55 days. It provides free 24×7 concierge service. It also provides a facility for card replacement to its customers.

This card has many additional benefits too as it provides shoppers and repayment benefits cover. There are some advantages of these cards also. A single card can be held by nine additional cardholders. It has a minimum credit rate of $6000.

These are the basic reasons to use this credit card, as it provides its customers with a lot of benefits.

2. NAB Qantas Signature Credit Card

This Card is popular for awarding customers with Qantas Points. This Card provides 90,000 bonus points. It will provide 24×7 free concierge Services. With this card, you can also get complimentary insurance for eligible purchases. There are multiple fees associated with this card.
It provides you with many advantages and disadvantages. Some pros of this card are that it provides reduced annual fees of $295 for the 1st year. It provides a point cap of 20,000 per month.
It is a credit card that is also used for travel but it is not the best credit card for traveling because NAB charges conversion fees for foreign currency of 3% of the transactional value and it costs no interest payments for a transaction account.

3. Bankwest More World Credit Card

It is a business card but it is not used in a regular manner for business travelers. It provides its customers with LoungeKey, by which they get unlimited lounge access to over 8000 airports. And these are the qualities that make this credit card best for business trips.

It provides 115,000 annual bonus points on a spend of $84,000 on the eligible purchases within a year. It gives a low introductory rate of 0% Per Annum on balance transfers for 6 months. It provides its customer with 10% of Hertz car hire and gold member status. It also gives 2.5 extra reward points per dollar spent on purchases. There can be 3 cardholders for a single credit card.

These were the cons also that it will cost $270 as annual fees. It is difficult to find good value credit cards serving for business travel.

These are the top 3 Australian Credit cards which were used for traveling purposes.

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