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Graphic Design Trends in the Future – An Overview

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They say Old is Gold, this is true indeed but old in the world of design is synonymous with the word ‘obsolete’, be it any creative field. Something new is always appreciated the most and welcomed by every customer in any industry. 

Experimentation is the only constant and brands keep doing it to stay relevant in the game and stay ahead of their competitors. Besides, one such tool many brands use to entice customers is graphics, and it is an important aspect. 

It is the reason why the UK has an abundance of graphic designing jobs, and the candidate possessing the right talent is always compensated with a good salary.      

To make a career in this line and to become a great graphic designer, one must pursue a vocational or a professional graphic designing course from a reputed institute. You can apply for text loans to fund this course if you are short of money. Many direct lenders in the UK are offering these short-term loans to even bad credit borrowers. 

The not so good year of 2020 will soon be behind us, and it’s time to look towards the next decade and the trends that will shape the graphic designing space in years to come. Here it goes:

1. Muted Colour Palettes

First, let’s get to know muted colors; these are low saturation colors, unlike vivid colors. Many health, fitness, and wellness brands have been using them. This is a recent entry into the graphic designing world and has taken everyone by surprise with its sudden popularity. The days of bright colors are slowly getting over, and people want to see colors that are more relaxed and less vibrant. LinkedIn has been one of the frontrunners in pioneering and using these palettes in their graphics. 

2. Simple Data Visualization

You must have heard people saying that data is the new oil, and it has been a differentiating factor in deciding successful companies to the ones who are not. 

However, many companies tend to make the data more complex by presenting it in such a way that it looks daunting. It is the reverse of what the goal of data visualization is, thus, the entire purpose gets defeated.

The visualization should be such that it flows smoothly, and the reader can easily make sense of it. This practice of simple data visualization is becoming a key consideration in graphic designing space as designers are making every effort possible to showcase data as if it’s meant for a layman.     

3. Geometric Shapes

A trend has picked up lately where designers are using abstract designs and geometric shapes quite frequently. Gone are the days of mundane flowing shapes and designs that people have seen a lot and have become cliched now. This shift in the trend towards geometric shapes makes a lot of sense as these shapes give a lot of consistency, structure, and appealing to visual senses as well. 

Of late, Zendesk and Rivet have been experimenting and using a lot of such shapes in their designs. 

4. Flat Icons

Graphic designers have started using many flat illustrations and icons for social media marketing, and they are indeed proving to be very useful. It will be a trend shaping this industry in the years to come. These icons showcase a powerful message which a verbose blog cannot, and besides that attention spans of people are concise these days. 

You won’t have to take funding help to spend anything extra on any paid software or app to put out these icons and illustrations. When we speak of visually appealing content for social media, flat icons have been emerging as an undisputed priority for many professional graphic designers to narrate a story.

5. Serif Fonts

People say that some of the trends in the graphic designing space are cyclical and one such trend is these classic serif fonts. These are one of the oldest fonts, date back to the 15th century, and are still alive and relevant. These fonts are classy, elegant; thought-provoking in itself, and above everything, their embellishment invokes a feeling of nostalgia. 

Several companies in many sectors, especially in the financial services industry, are using them. Mailchimp is a case in point; this company has been extensively using this font on most of their landing pages. 

6. Text Dominant Videos

People in every country are short of time and to understand something, they don’t want to read a verbose description. Instead, what they want is a video explainer of 2-5 minutes, and companies are doing just that. 

Graphic designers are putting textual content in the video itself and thus hitting dual targets with one arrow. It also saves time, and many pounds for your company has you don’t need modern equipment to shoot the video to make it appealing. 

Another success factor that will drive this trend is that people will work remotely as we advance and interact with everyone via video calls only. Then video content with a person in it will be exhaustive for them. 

Thus, heavy text videos having more text and motion graphics will be something fresh for the viewers.     

7. Slide Decks

Many times companies have to communicate something, and it is heavy concerning content with a longer message. These slide decks will make it possible in the future for conveying a long message succinctly with brevity. 

You must have seen some of these representations delivering useful messages on social media platforms like Instagram and LinkedIn. Another reason that graphic designers will use more of these slide decks in the future is that social media platforms promote them over a single picture, thus organic search engine optimization. 

Instead of clubbing all the information in one image, it is better to space it out in a few slides for a better understanding of the viewers. The video calling app Zoom and financial news explainer Finshots have been using these slide decks a lot these days for effectively delivering an explanation.


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