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How Can The Blocked Drain Plumbers Help You?

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Slow or clogged drainage pipes and the rise of bad odor are the major indicators of depicting a blockage inside the sewer pipes. Usually, blocked drains Newcastle can occur in several pipes due to the presence of root growth inside your pipes to search for water. It can block the flow or current of water. Besides, a blockage can arise due to the accumulation of filthy materials seeping from the kitchen or the kitchen sink. Or even the flush pipe of a toilet. 

Methods of clearing the sewer blockage

While the blockages that are mild and can be identified easily can be solved with a simple Do-It-Yourself, the serious ones are complex to identify. To fix such serious issues, you can hire the blocked sewer plumbers or specialists.  These specialists can carefully trace the problem’s location while carefully analyzing the causes behind it. 

Incorporation of high tech tools

Several tools available in the market can ease out the task of identifying and fixing the sewage blockages. By picking an appropriate tool at the appropriate place, the professionals can clear the drainage blockage free of hassle. 

Some of the high-tech tools used by the experts are as follows:

1. Use of CCTV plumbing cameras along with the high-pressure hose for cleaning purposes

An experienced plumbing worker can easily locate the source of the problem before diagnosing it effectively. The professionals are seen to deploy CCTV cameras for plumbing purposes as these cameras can precisely identify the origin of the issue in a simplified manner.  Consequently, this camera is useful for gaining long-term results as problems such as the growth of roots inside the pipes can be identified only with a camera’s help. By using a monitor and a CCTV camera, the experts can easily find out what’s going within the pipelines’ structures.

After having adequate information about the origin and the location of the blockage, the next step is clearing the blocks out of the way. One of the commonly used pieces of equipment for cleaning is the cleaning-hose with high-pressure. This tool utilizes the volume of water along with the water’s pressure to clean out the blockages. With numerous years of accumulated knowledge and experience, the sewer drain blockage specialists are aware of the water’s volume and pressure that should be sent through the drain out the blockage and garbage completely. 

2. Industrial drainage cleansing tools along with electric eels

While the task of clearing a few blocks doesn’t require much expertise and high-end tools, the plumbing experts deploy a piece of equipment known as a plumber’s snake, commonly known as the electric eel. There is a flexible and long metal cable along with a mini uncoiled spring attached to it on one end of this tool. As a result, this tool functions by entering within the drain’s hole directly. This long cable stretches out to contact the garbage clog physically to take it out. However, this method is often considered the final resort and is deployed only if other cleansing methods fail.

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