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How Changes In Marketing Are Creating Space For Startups

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Marketing has definitely evolved over the years. Initially, marketing used to be heavily dependent on word of mouth, or print advertising. However, in the digital world the focus of marketing has changed drastically. A lot of new businesses and brands are using the digital space in order to market. A recent trend for a digital marketing agency is more customer oriented than product oriented. For startups, the digital era means getting the kind of exposure they probably could not years back. Due to social media, websites, and online reach it is a lot easier for smaller businesses to market their product and create their voice. There are several different ways business marketing has continued to transform over the years.

  1. Social Media

Social media has transformed the way people network and communicate. It has also transformed the manner in which companies interact with their ideal clients. Social media has made it easier for products to reach an audience and create a voice. A lot of companies take advantage of social media in different ways to gain their appropriate audience. All the platforms of social media serve a different purpose; Instagram is more visual and definitely appealing for physical products, whereas Facebook or Instagram are a lot more conversational and hence appealing to the service industry. Businesses are using Instagram advertising over print advertising. There are many creative ways businesses are showcasing their products, for instance, a company can use an influencer to showcase the product by using it to decorate their apartment.

  1. Marketing Automation

The huge transition in marketing has also made more startups focus on marketing automation. As more people become entrepreneurs and focus on their product, building a brand image is becoming a business on its own. There are various companies launching products that help automate marketing. Be it by helping in the design of content, connect with influencers or creating posts across different social media channels. Automation has changed the lives of entrepreneurs, allowing them to market their product without using all their time on it. Platforms like Hootsuite and Buffer also make it possible for brands to extend their reach through different channels. There is more availability of resources and hence a greater reach to the adequate audience.

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  1. Marketing Analysis

Gone are the days when one had to analyze what is working for the brand by looking through all the books in the past month. With the current innovations in technology, more companies are focusing on providing platforms dedicated to market analysis. This is inclusive of platforms that help understand the demographics of one’s reach as well as products to know the competitors. Marketing analysis is a major focus in today’s business world as the reach grows so does the necessity to differentiate one’s product from the crowd.

The business world is seeing a shift and more people are willing to take on entrepreneurship. With the current ease in marketing and the technological innovations around it, brands are becoming more informed and the customers more aware. This wide reach in the audience is helping new businesses disrupt their particular fields, and creating a higher standard of living for all.

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