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Easiest Way To Decorate Royal Icing Cookies Using a Custom Cookie Stamp

Easiest Way To Decorate Royal Icing Cookies Using a Custom Cookie Stamp

It’s officially the cookie season! Christmas is just around the corner, and the only thing a person can think of during this time is baking some delicious cookies. If you’re someone who loves baking in general, you might be aware of the essentials of baking, including cookie cutter and cookie stamps. Ultimately, cookie stamps are the best way to decorate your masterpiece. Cookie stamps are also available in different sizes, shapes, and materials. To top it all, many stores also offer their customers a customization option to match their expectations. In Australia, custom cookie stamps are rapidly gaining popularity due to a variety of options and personalized choices.

The best part about baking cookies is how creative you can be with decorations. There are different types of decoration methods, one of which includes royal icing marbling. Read further to know,

How to Use Custom Cookie Stamps For Royal Icing

First and perhaps the most important thing you’d like to do is buy a new custom stamp. You can find a variety of cookie stamps in Australia that are available in either rubber or foam. The next step is the purchase of a gel food colouring and a food-safe ink-free stamp pad. If your budget is tight then instead of buying a stamp pad, you can also opt for an unused kitchen sponge.

Step 1: Choosing a Base Foundation For Cookies

One of the initial steps to create a stamped cookie is to choose a base foundation for your design and royal icing is the best base layer as it makes sure that the design of the cookie remains intact. The next thing after preparing a batch of icing you want to frost each cookie with the piping method. Use a pastry bag to create an outline for your cookie. It is recommended to allow the icing to dry completely before any further steps are taken. Just a few hours or overnight, to be precise.

Step 2:  Using Cookie Stamps to Design

Once the icing seems to be completely dry, you can go ahead with the creation of the stamping ink. To make your stamping ink, add a few drops of gel food dye along with a few drops of water and mix it. Please note that only a few drops of water should be added to the ink, as you do not want to dilute the colour of the ink. The solution should be of suitable consistency for stamp inking.

After the solution has been prepared, the next step is to transfer the mixture to a clean stamp or sponge. Once the stamp or sponge soaks the ink, you are good to go. But before you try it on a cookie, give it a test run on a paper towel. The next thing you need to do is stamp ink with dry royal icing cookies. Press the stamp firmly and rock it back and forth until the stamp comes into contact with the frosting. While removing the stamp, make sure the stamped design is clear and crisp, highlighting all the details. You can even mix the colours and repeat the whole process to get the desired result. But remember to let the food ink dry between the stamped colours so nothing runs.

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