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Here’s how to make a beautiful and effective Curriculum Vitae

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Having a relevant CV is important but before knowing that you have the know-how and the skills required, the recruiter will first judge you by the quality of your CV appearance. They might receive hundreds of applications in a single stroke. In this case, they will only retain the catchiest CV. That is why you need to make a beautiful CV and here are the best tips you can follow for this purpose.

Use an Online CV Creator

There are many tools like Microsoft Word and InDesign that you can use to make your curriculum vitae. But currently, there are online tools that help you create your resume even if you have no graphic skills. We are talking about a CV creation site, also named a CV generator. You can easily find a reliable one that offers free CV templates. You will be able to choose a modern CV design. Most of the time, those templates are made by professional graphic designers. They are aesthetic and look very professional at the same time. You just have to choose the most appropriate CV template according to your personality and the position you are targeting.

Choose Colours sparingly for your Curriculum Vitae

Never lose sight of the main objective: your CV should be readable. You can add some colours to your resume that may differ you from other applicants. So, choose a maximum of 3 colours. To make your choice, you have two solutions. First solution, opt for a colour that looks like you and reflects who you are. Dominant blue for professionalism, orange or fuchsia for dynamism for instance. Second solution, make your CV sport the company’s colours and logo. This is the best way to show that you are already planning yourself and that you have taken the time to personalize your application. The recruiter might then feel that it is their company that you are targeting and not another.

Go Further by Creating an Original CV

If the industry is appropriate, allow yourself to create an original Curriculum Vitae. In advertising market, for example, they are very fond of that kind of resume. So, if you are applying for an agency, among other things, make a difference by sending a good CV, an original CV. You can find inspiration on Pinterest, where a board lists the most amazing materials on which CVs have been printed, you will able to let your creativity rip. You can keep it synthetic and airy that will catch the recruiter’s eye immediately. On the other hand, a photo can make a difference because less and less candidates add one in their curriculum vitae. But it must be professional and of a good quality.

What else … ?

One more thing not to forget is to specify your references. Every detail counts so your CV can stand out in the pile. If you do that, you will get more chance to get the job you are applying for. Try to reflect your personality. Apart from that, always use a tool that you are comfortable with, such as Microsoft Words, InDesign, Powerpoint and so on and so forth. Be careful to the typography, i.e use the best fonts.

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