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How Much Can You Earn as a Menulog Driver?

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Menulog, one of Australia’s premier food delivery services, has witnessed a surge in demand over recent years. As more and more consumers opt for the convenience of having meals delivered straight to their doorstep, opportunities for delivery drivers have blossomed. If you’re contemplating joining the ranks of Menulog drivers, one of the primary questions on your mind is likely: “How much can I earn as a Menulog driver?” Let’s dive into the financial aspects of becoming a Menulog driver.

1. Basic Pay Structure

Menulog drivers typically earn money based on a per-delivery model. While the exact rate can vary depending on the location and demand, as of previous data available (do check the latest on their official platform for updated rates), drivers could expect:

  • A certain base rate per delivery.
  • Potential bonuses during peak hours or during promotional periods.

Impact: The more deliveries you complete, the higher your earnings. Thus, drivers who are quick, efficient, and work during high-demand times often maximise their income.

2. Tips

In some areas, especially where tipping culture is more prevalent, Menulog drivers might receive tips from satisfied customers. Although not a consistent source of income, it can significantly boost your earnings.

Impact: Offering excellent customer service, timely deliveries, and a friendly demeanour can enhance your chances of receiving tips.

3. Surge Pricing and Bonuses

Just like other gig platforms, Menulog occasionally offers surge pricing during exceptionally busy periods, such as Friday nights or public holidays. Additionally, they might provide bonuses for reaching certain targets or for working in undesirable conditions, like during inclement weather.

Impact: Being strategic about when you work can optimise your earning potential. Working during peak hours and capitalising on surge pricing periods can significantly boost your pay.

4. Expenses to Consider

While there’s potential to earn a decent wage as a Menulog driver, it’s also essential to factor in the associated costs. These might include:

  • Fuel Costs: If you’re using a car or motorbike, fuel will be a consistent expense.
  • Vehicle Maintenance: Wear and tear, oil changes, and other maintenance costs add up over time.
  • Insurance: Menulog requires drivers to have third-party property or comprehensive car insurance.
  • Mobile Data: The Menulog app will use data, so ensure your plan can accommodate this usage.
  • Equipment: Items like insulated bags to keep food warm might be an initial investment.

Impact: Always subtract these expenses from your total earnings to get a clearer picture of your actual net income.

5. Flexibility and Volume

One of the standout features of being a Menulog driver is the flexibility. You choose your hours and decide how much or how little you want to work. This flexibility means that your earning potential is directly tied to the volume of deliveries you’re willing to make.

Impact: If you’re looking to maximise your earnings, consider working more hours during peak periods. However, if you’re using Menulog driving as a supplementary income source, you might opt for fewer hours, resulting in variable earnings.

6. Location Matters

The area in which you choose to deliver can play a role in your earnings. Densely populated urban areas might have more frequent orders, but they could also have more traffic and parking challenges. Conversely, suburban or rural areas might have fewer orders but longer distances between deliveries.

Impact: It’s crucial to strike a balance and find a region where you can optimise the number of deliveries you make while minimising the challenges.

7. Other Income Factors

Several other factors can influence a Menulog driver’s income:

  • Vehicle Type: Bicycle riders might not have fuel costs, but they might complete fewer deliveries than someone with a car.
  • Competition: The number of active Menulog drivers in your area can influence the number of deliveries available.
  • Customer Density: Areas with a high density of restaurants and customers might offer more consistent delivery opportunities.


Becoming a Menulog driver offers the allure of flexible working hours and the opportunity to earn based on your effort and strategy. While there’s potential for a decent income, it’s vital to account for all associated costs and strategise your working hours effectively. Always stay updated with Menulog’s latest payment structures and incentives, and consider every factor mentioned above to get a realistic estimate of your potential earnings.

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