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How to Develop or Create a Wikipedia Page that approved

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Last night I decided to make a Wikipedia page for my client on the technology topic one thing more I had no idea that how to create a Wikipedia page before that I made some simple update to some wiki pages and really it’s so hard to create a new Wikipedia page


Lolz Am telling you it’s really difficult writing for Wikipedia is like you are submitting an assignment in any university and you cannot copy a single line from any other page if they found plagiarism they simply banned you and all your hard work goes in vain anyways am telling you why am creating a Wikipedia page for my client


Reason for creating a Wikipedia profile

The number one reason why everyone wants to make a Wikipedia profile is Wikipedia itself an encyclopedia and it covers almost all the topics like music, sports, content, business, marketing, social media


Steps to creating a Wikipedia Biography

Here are some simple steps to follow before making a new Wikipedia page

  1. Research is important

Before making a new page on Wikipedia make some research about Wikipedia community rules and regulation and how it works I read many Wikipedia articles before posting new article so I can understand the algorithm of Wikipedia

  1. Register an account

You cannot post or edit anything on Wikipedia without registration so registration is a must it’s a simple process you can simply sign in like you make any email id also one more thing always use your real name and location

  1. Try to edit first

Before writing a new page I recommend that try to edit some existing pages so you have an idea that how people write their pages when I was a beginner I usually edit some biographical information I found on the internet about his fan club website

  1. Combine your sources

In Wikipedia pages sources plays an important part in once you gather a relevant source for the page or article you are trying to create this will save a lot of time Even if you are a Gardner or a gamer who can live in another corner of the world you can write on the choosing topic on the bases of your gathered information also use some third party information links in your content it will create an authority of your content

  1. Be Factual and unbiased

When you writing a wiki page to make sure that your content must be factual and unbiased for eg when am writing someone page on marketing I had included competitor’s link with information also sometimes as an example make sure your facts must be true and not a misrepresentation

  1. Include images

Remember always that Wikipedia won’t be allowed you to use copyright images or images not according to subject I have made this mistake earlier and pay the price by getting a copyright warning so from now onwards I always ask clients to provide me an original copyrighted images

  1. Give your page a final touch

After all those steps you are finally ready to post your Wikipedia page so give your content a final proofread and make sure that your content must be unique with zero percent plagiarism and grimily correct and then cut and paste content on Wikipedia and then change interface according to requirements

  1. Submit for review

After doing all the necessary changes you need to submit it for review the overall process takes 12 to 15 days and after that you got and approval or might be get deleted but if you follow Wikipedia guideline there are just 5 percent chances of deletion


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