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Top 5 Myths About Tea, Debunked | Daily Tea Routine Guide

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Making your Tea O’clock delightful!

A cup of tea is all that we crave in the morning and evening to make ourselves feel refreshed. Some of the big-time tea enthusiasts don’t mind devouring more than one or two cups in a day out of love. However, despite its worldwide popularity, there are plenty of fallacies that make the tea drinkers end up in a dilemma. If you are one of them who is trapped in the false tea tales and are confused over buying the magical tea at wholesale in Australia, here we can help you in rescue.

Jump in and change your insights regarding the tea by delving into the common myths prevailing among people.

  • Tea Dehydrates Your Body

A cup of tea is all flavored with water, tea leaves, sugar, and milk. Thus, if more water consumption makes your body feel hydrated, the precise amount of tea cannot have the opposite results. Though, the diuretic effect because of caffeine content arises such concerns, ensuring the top-notch quality of tea leaves and moderate quantity can falsify the statement.

  • Green Tea Let You Loose Weights

Have you too bought up sachets of green tea just by hearing its ability in losing body weight? Not so surprisingly, this isn’t a fact as 1-2 cups of green tea cannot help you lose kilos. You entail focusing on your diet and should involve in regular exercising along with devouring 4-5 cups of green tea to see the magical results.

  • Adding Milk Lessen The Beneficial Impact Of Tea

There are plenty of people who like to drink tea without milk but if you are having it out of the misconception that milk negates the benefits of tea, then you are misled. In fact, milk in the tea will add the essence of calcium and make it stronger for your bones. Thus, if you have recently bought wholesale tea, try adding the precise amount of milk for a delish flavor and extra benefits.

  • Tea Has More Caffeine Than Coffee

In case you have just explored – Does chai latte have caffeine in contrast to coffee and acknowledged it as yes, then you may have just gone through the partial notions. Though the raw form, that is tea leaves comprises 1-2% extra caffeine than coffee beans, but the way coffee is brewed with hot water makes it more caffeinated in the end.

Therefore, the fact is, 1 cup of brewed coffee = 2 cups of tea

  • Green Tea Is Healthier In Comparison To Black Tea

You may have overheard that green tea is healthier than black tea. The fact that is that both green and black tea includes antioxidant properties that boost health in case of sickness. It is merely a matter of the oxidation and fermentation process that divides the tea into black and green.

In A Nutshell

Tea is one of those essential edibles that is savored to embrace freshness, activeness, and wellness in life. No matter the number of myths that prevail about tea, the fact is – the precise cups of this magical compound bring a bundle of blissfulness in your day. Therefore, have no second thought and shop for high-quality tea at wholesale in Australia.

Happy Sipping!

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