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Find Out How to Register Domains of Your Choice Successfully

Find Out How to Register Domains of Your Choice Successfully

Any business requires a website, and it is time that you invest in one if you don’t have it. With a great website, you can showcase your products and services and attract a large number of customers. Nevertheless, all these are possible only if your website can be reached by Internet users. For that, you need to register domains, which are website addresses to enable someone to identify and access them to know more about the product, service or brand.

With domain registration, a website receives an identity and looks very professional. However, registering a domain name is not easy for you need to find a suitable name that represents your business and brand. A perfect domain can help differentiate your business, give a competitive edge and enhance your brand value. To register the right domain name, you need to keep a few things in mind.    

1. Look for a simple and short domain name

A simple domain name will usually be short and easy to remember. For instance, Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) Australia has a simple domain ‘abc.net.au’. Similarly, you can find Australia’s famous employment marketplace, ‘seek.com.au’, which is easy to remember and type on the browser. The other names that offer a good user-experience are ‘csl.com.au and ‘coles.com.au’. They are successful in increasing traffic and improving the rankings on the search engines. 

2. Characters permitted in a domain name

When you choose a domain name for your Australian website ‘.au’, you can choose any alphabets from A to Z, hyphens and numbers from ‘0’ to ‘9’. Nevertheless, it is better to avoid numbers and hyphens as they can confuse a visitor or even lead to making a mistake. You should not use special characters and spaces in the domain name. The maximum number of characters that you can use in the website address is 63; however, it is ideal to use 12 to 15 characters to help the visitors memorize and type it easily.

3. Use an appropriate domain extension

When you register a new domain, you need to choose a perfect domain extension. There are popular top-level domains (TLDs) such as ‘.com’, ‘.net’, ‘.org’, etc. If your business is a commercial one, you can choose the infamous ‘.com’, which suits any domain name. For your business in Australia, you can choose country-specific codes such as ‘.com. au, .org.au, .net.au, and .asn.au’.   

You can opt for the new .au domain, irrespective of being in any industry in Australia if you want to target local customers. Nonetheless, you need to meet the domain name eligibility for acquiring the ‘.au’ domain. For the purpose, the registrants have to be:

  • A registered company, partnership firm or sole trader in Australia
  • Doing business under a registered name in a state or territory in Australia
  • An international company licensed to do business in Australia
  • An applicant for or owner of an Australian Registered Trade Mark

4. Have a brand name as your domain

Your business may be a startup or small one, and you want to develop it online. A domain name with right keyword combinations representing your brand or product will help you to communicate the purpose of your business to your prospective customers easily. Other than increasing credibility, it helps build trust in your customers. 

The information given above can help you find and register domains suitable for your business online.