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In Sydney and looking for a repair shop for your Honda- Here’s a repairing guide for you

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People love their car. Be it their first purchase or the one gifted to them- it is the most undoubtedly the prestigious asset. Often people delay their car repairing for way too long until the car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. Opting for regular car servicing and maintenance not only increases the performance of the vehicle of the car is the oxygen for the car. It gives life to the car. Servicing the car is one of the easiest ways to keep it reliable, safe, and on the road for years to come. However, it is imperative to know when to go for the Honda repairs in Sydney and how to schedule the service.

Be it Honda Civic, Honda CR-V, Honda Amaze, or Honda Jazz or VW repairs in Sydney- routine car maintenance is highly recommended.

Why is service maintenance important for Honda?

Your Honda is a complex and highly technical piece of machinery. Looking after it properly will give you years of trouble-feel driving experience. Any technical machine needs service and maintenance to keep up the optimal performance then why not your Honda? It is very much essential that one keep a check on regular service of the Honda from the start. This will keep the car in the best condition for reliability, safety, performance, and also increase the resale value.

Routine servicing is key to maintaining the health of your vehicle. Here are things that will be covered in routine service:

  • Replacing engine oil & filter
  • Inspecting front & rear brakes
  • Checking lights & alignment
  • Checking & adjusting parking brake
  • Checking tyre condition
  • Visual check- steering, suspension, brake hose and lines exhaust system, fuel lines and vehicle corrosion.
  • Checking the battery & wipers
  • Checking air conditioning & heater

…and so much more

How often should Honda be serviced?

Regular maintenance is necessary and the only effective way to be confident that your Honda maintains its reliable performance. But it is essential to have Honda serviced from a reputable Honda service centre like Foxman Auto Service that ensures they use only genuine Honda approved parts.

Now the question is ‘how often Honda should be serviced’.

By Mileage or by time?

There are two methods to approach the maintenance for your Honda. First, you need to look at the age of your Honda. Second, you need to track the miles. Both the methods will help you determine what needs to be done and when the vehicle is needed to take to the service centre.

If your Honda is 3 years old, it must be taken to service every 12 months, and my mileage, it is 12,500 mile- whichever comes first.

Many Honda owners think that the car does not need any service if it is new or has not travelled enough. But for optimum maintenance, you need to have a vehicle checked every 12,500 miles without fail.

During the service, all the aspects of the car will be checked. After a few miles and years, some components and parts of the car need an inspection to ensure they perform smoothly and also to detect problems, if any, at an early stage.

Maintenance by mileage

While knowing the age of your car can help you maintain your Honda, knowing the mileage is a more accurate indicator of required tasks. This is because mileage indicates how much wear & tear your Honda goes through.

Here is the checklist of mileages:

  • Every 5,000 miles
  • At 30,000 miles
  • At 45,000 miles
  • At 60,000 miles
  • At 70,000 miles
  • At 90,000 miles

Regularly maintenance of your Honda is an important part of being an owner. Not only Honda service is important, be it Toyota service in NSWor car of any other company, but regular service & maintenance is also highly important to ensure the highest quality durability and performance. If you are looking for an excellent car service in Randwick, Foxman Auto Service is the right destination.

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