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Luke Lazarus Discusses Inflation and His Opinion on the Pub Market

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Real estate entrepreneur and philanthropist Luke Lazarus is passionate about strengthening the communities he lives and works in. 

In addition to supporting local charities, he approaches real estate projects with the mission of providing community-based spaces that people in the neighborhood will be proud of and enjoy. His goal is to create places where people can relax, connect, and deepen their involvement with the community.

Here, Luke Lazarus reflects on his opinion on the pub market and rising inflation in Australia. Now more than ever, Lazarus believes in the importance of great communities with strong bonds.

About Luke Lazarus

Having started his first business at just eight years old, Luke Lazarus is a lifelong entrepreneur. Today, he works alongside his father in Sydney, Australia running their real estate business. The father and son team takes on renovation projects with a focus on the surrounding community and what they need from the properties.

Their projects have included making the Exchange Hotel into a popular live music space, renovating Shoal Bays Country Club to focus more on being family-friendly, and improving the Beach Hotel with a focus on great food and stunning interiors

The Lazarus family’s commitment to community extends to their philanthropic endeavors, which include charity events held at their hotels. Luke says, “We support a multitude of charities that focus on contributing to our local communities. Beyond this we sponsor many local sporting teams, helping to cover their financial burdens and get onto the field.” This combination of community-based renovations and philanthropy helps create better, more connected communities. 

Luke Lazarus on the Pub Market

Alongside his father, Luke Lazarus has worked to restore both hotels and taverns around Sydney and Newcastle. They seek out promising properties that need renovation to reach their full potential, then strive to create spaces for people to relax, unwind, and connect with others in the community. 

As places for conversation and togetherness, Lazarus believes pubs are the cornerstone of the community. His goal is always to enhance local pubs in ways that people enjoy, primarily by assessing what locals truly desire from the space. 

One example is Shoal Bay Country Club, home to a beautiful beer garden, two-three restaurants including the new Greek restaurant Atmos, a live music auditorium classic staples, and huge TAB and Keno facilities. Central to each of these elements is good, old-fashioned hospitality that makes everyone feel welcome and at home. 

Similarly, Live at the X at the Exchange has been purpose-built for incredible live music gigs, featuring both international and local talent. It’s designed to tell the story of the local music scene and encourage people to come together and enjoy live music. 

Lazarus’ philosophy is that renovations and refurbishments are pointless if they aren’t well-liked by people in the community. His projects are intended to build community and provide a place that people are proud to have near their neighborhoods.

As a result, Lazarus aims to deliver the best possible offering while engaging with people in the communities he serves. The Lazarus family does everything they can to support the communities they exist in, from providing top-notch community spaces to supporting philanthropic causes.

Luke Lazarus on Inflation

Australian inflation has hit a 20-year high as companies across industries struggle to absorb rising fuel, shipping, and packaging costs. 

With economies coming out of lockdown, companies have experienced a rebound in demand that has been difficult to keep up with, especially as the war in Ukraine and Australia’s devasting floods have added to ongoing issues with transport and logistics.

The burden of higher prices on retailers is inevitably passed on to consumers. For Australian families, this means that costs for food, petrol, and services like home building have all soared. As prices rise faster than wages, families who survive on tight budgets or lack a cushion of savings are struggling to make ends meet.

Experts are hopeful that concerns about rising prices will be short-term. For inflation to stay high, prices must keep rising at the same rate, which is unlikely. Experts point out that inflation should become more modest as supply strengthens to better meet demand. 

In the meantime, Luke Lazarus feels an increased responsibility to further strengthen his efforts toward both philanthropy and community building. He will continue supporting local charities to offset the financial burden families in his communities are experiencing.  

At the same time, he plans to maintain his focus on the heartbeat of community in his real estate projects. Around the world, people’s mental and emotional health has been profoundly impacted by devastating recent events. Ongoing financial strain and uncertainty will likely exacerbate the effects of these global experiences.

Lazarus recognizes that community, and the sense of safety and connection it can provide, is one of the most effective ways to bolster those trying to heal from the resulting chronic stress and trauma. High-quality, positive social support alleviates the effects of emotional distress and promotes lifelong good mental health. With this in mind, Lazarus plans to increase his efforts to provide spaces for community members to come together, talk, laugh, relax, and strengthen positive bonds.

A Commitment to Community Support

Whether it’s hosting a charitable event, donating to a local charity, or renovating buildings into beloved neighborhood pubs or hangouts, Luke Lazarus is committed to doing all he can to strengthen communities. 

Recent world events and the resulting inflation have only deepened Lazarus’ belief in the importance of his mission to uplift the financial, mental, and emotional health of people in the neighborhoods where he lives and works.

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