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Tips on how to write resign letter

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When writing a resignation letter, there are a number of things that should be followed to make your resignation successful. And one of the most important things is the writing style. Many people who decide to resign from their jobs do not pay much attention to this and would only like to finish this task as soon as possible. You should not fall into the same way and should even use extra care while writing the letter.

So don’t worry about such a small thing below is some guidelines that would help you in how to write resign letter

  1. Explain the reasons behind your decision

This is extremely important as it shows to your boss your seriousness towards your resignation. This can help him realize what’s really going on inside you so that he can understand the reasons behind your decision and accept it with peace.

This will make him realize that you really do not intend on staying and that you are indeed resigning.

  1. Provide a good closing line

This is an extremely important part of the letter. As it shows your boss that he resigned, you are leaving this job and because of some personal reasons, have to choose to do so. This will help him understand that your resignation had nothing to do with any lack of work commitment or any work related issue. This will in turn help him to understand your decision and accept it wholeheartedly.

  1. Provide a formal touch to the letter

Are you really surprised that the resignation letter should be formal? After all, this is not some casual letter. It is a very important document which will ultimately decide how good your career growth is going to be. Hiring managers do not take kindly to informal letters, so save them for the times when you are writing birthday letters or wishing people on their holidays.

  1. Stay calm while writing this letter

A lot of people make the mistake of getting emotional and starting to cry while writing a resignation letter. This is something that you should definitely avoid because it will not make your job easier. You need to stay cool and calm at such occasions and be mindful of the language in which you write this letter.

  1. Be polite while writing this letter

This is a very polite letter and you should definitely stay polite while writing it. You will be in the service of your boss till the day you resign and so, making any rude comments or statements will do significant damage to your reputation. There is not need to show any anger or hatred in this letter, so save them for the times when you are writing letters to your friends, family or love interests.


A resignation letter is very important and that’s the reason you need to probably take more care while writing it. As we all know, a resignation letter can either make or break your career growth.So, keep these points in mind while writing your resignation letter and be courageous enough to express your desire of leaving the job in your own words. This will also help you save a lot of time and effort which you can use for other important things in life.

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