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Why does my energy bill increase in summer?

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The onset of summer is a welcome change following a cold winter. However, with summer also comes intensely hot days that result in the increase of fan and air conditioning use. The change in season from spring to summer usually results in an increase in energy bills.

Here are some common reasons for the rise in power bills and tips to keep them in check:-

1. Air conditioning service

Before the beginning of summer, get your air conditioner professionally serviced. A build-up of dust and debris in the air filter will make your air conditioning unit work harder and inflate your electricity bills. Look out for any leaks or gaps in the ductwork and get them repaired. 

2. Maintain space around vents

Check your furniture to ensure that it is not blocking any air vents. A blocked air vent can hinder airflow and cause inefficient cooling. Maintain enough space around the air vents to ensure effective ventilation.

3. Draw the blinds

Something as simple as a window treatment can make a significant difference to your energy savings. Install curtains or blinds to your windows and keep them drawn during the day to keep the cool air in. Single or double window glazing will also trap cool air.

4. Seal doors & windows

Energy efficiency is not only about monitoring energy usage, but also preventing energy loss. Seal your doors and windows and fix any other gaps in your home to prevent cold air from escaping. 

5. Ceiling fans

Avoid over-working your air conditioning over the summer and install a ceiling fan to maintain a pleasant indoor temperature. Did you know ceiling fans need to be operated in different directions during summer and winter? In the summer, your ceiling fans should move in a counter-clockwise direction.

6. Reassess your energy plan

Energy prices increase as the demand for electricity for air conditioning units increases. Reassess your energy plan and shop around to see if there is better value on offer. Use Electricity Wizards comparison service to compare electricity providers and find a competitively-priced plan. 

7. Keep refrigerator stocked

A refrigerator will work harder to cool empty spaces than a fully stocked unit. Try to keep your fridge relatively full to avoid unnecessary energy expenditure. If you’re running low on groceries, stock it with bottles and containers of water.

8. Reduce peak hour usage

On weekends and especially hot days, electricity rates are more expensive. During these peak hours, try to implement alternative cooling measures. Avoid using appliances like the dishwasher or the washing machine until off-peak hours. 

9. Use cold water

Use cold water for your showers and your washing loads as this will save energy expenditure on heating. Summer is also the perfect time to line-dry your washing. 

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10. Adjust the thermostat

Turn down or turn off your thermostat at night when the temperature drops. Get a programmable thermostat that will turn off or dial back your air conditioning when you’re leaving for work or going to bed. 

11. Go out

Instead of staying at home to cool down, spend time at the beach or at the shopping mall. This will save you from using the air conditioning all day.

If your energy expenditure was high last summer, implement these tips to help lower your electricity bills this year.

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