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Choosing Plumbers for your Bathroom Renovations – Element Plumbing & Gas

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Bathroom renovations can have a huge impact on the look and feel of a home. Renovation can also greatly boost your home’s sale price. Getting your bathroom just right, having the utilities and fittings you want, decorating it to your preference, this can make you really proud and create an environment in which you can relax away from the stresses of life. Top bathroom renovations Perth, WA, are best achieved when you find the best plumbers and bathroom renovation experts.

Finding the best plumber gets the best results

There is nothing worse than paying for what you think will become your dream bathroom, only to be stuck with the results on unskilled technicians, low quality fittings, and having to pay again to fix. Avoid ending up with leaky taps and a damaged home by taking the time to engage a plumber that is best for you. Take the time you need to research and find a plumber that has experience with the style you want, and who is licensed and qualified.

How to start the search

Focus on plumbers that have experience in renovation and construction work, even house extensions. If you have a home that is older, then you will need a plumber that has worked in older properties and knows what the job will entail. Pipes and plumbing in older homes can be very different! Look online and see what you can learn about them. Look for Google reviews and focus particularly on the outcomes that were achieved. When you have the names of some providers you are considering, you can then talk to friends to find out if they’ve hired said professional.

Avoid trying DIY

DIY plumbing is actually against the law. Furthermore, you should save yourself the stress and hire a professional experienced in bathroom renovations Perth WA. In the long term, it is worth your time and money to hire a plumber who knows what they are doing.

Finding an experienced plumber can prevent burst pipes

Before you run into the situation where you have a burst pipe in your home or business, it makes sense to do what you can to prevent it from happening. Investing in a plumber to carry out regular maintenance, using modern equipment to detect potential problems and offering affordable repairs is key. A licensed professional plumber can find and take care of any plumbing leak repair Perth, but the sooner they detect it the better. The longer you ignore a leak the worse the problem can become. The last thing you need is major repairs that come with major costs.


When you are looking for house extensions and plumbing renovations that are done properly, will not leak, and look great, you need a professional licensed plumber. Ask for written quotes from each of them and compare, ask specifically about their hourly rate and an estimate for the parts too. Check that the one you are most confident about has good experience and can start when you need them to. Ask questions and make sure your renovation provider is happy to talk to you and you feel comfortable with them.

A classy bathroom can be enjoyed for many years to come, so taking your time to choose a renovation expert is absolutely paramount.

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