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TopMarketCap Review | Your Ultimate Broker

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If you are looking for a review on the forex trading platform that gives you complete details of what a trading platform should have in store for you along with a recommended reliable trading platform that suits your requirement, then you have come to the right place. I will tell you all about the TopMarketCap trading platform that is designed specifically for the clients. TopMarketCap has designed its trading platform that can accommodate all sorts of traders from beginners to expert lever traders. So, anybody can have the chance to associate with the platform. The platform can provide a wide range of services that will benefit not only the clients associated with the broker but also for people who are just visiting the platform.

Top Market Cap Review (topmarketcap.com Scam) - Personal Reviews

If you are looking for a trading platform that has all the features that a trader of any level would require the TopMarketCap is where you should start. I started using the TopMarketCap platform a couple of years ago as it was recommended to me by a friend. When I went through the platform to see if it offered everything that I was looking for, I found that it had more than I expected. From the best educational Center, account types to even the technologically advanced trading platform. This platform is a complete package for whoever is looking for reliability and security.

Advanced Trading

You need to thoroughly check out the trading platform. It is the main hub of any broker. Look for their chart and the assets that they offer. Search the advanced tools that are provided to the clients When you will visit the TopMarketCap website and browse through their trading platform you will notice that they offer a wide variety of services like the broadly categorized education center, 24/7 Live chat and other contact methodologies, security policies, and a vast range of account types.

The above-mentioned services are given with the utmost quality. The trading platform offers a chart with a listed asset to choose from that is over r200+ in number. They offer Stocks, Currencies, Indices, Crypto, and even Commodities. On top of that, they give a complete analysis to you on each asset that you select. You will additionally be given certain technologically advanced tools to make your calculated analysis. Along with that, you can even get a representative from the platform who is highly educated in trading to help you with your trades. TopMarketCap makes sure that you will have maximum chances of generating consistent profits. The platform is designed remarkably. You will then direct passage to all other pages of the platform on the main right in front of you so will not get lost. If you face any problem, then the in-built support live chat is always available on each page so you can easily start a conversation with a representative of the platform. The platform was specifically built for the client’s needs and requirements so whatever you want from a forex trading platform, you will be able to find it on TopMarketCap.

User-friendly Interface

TopMarketCap brings you the most simple to use user-friendly interface. Even if you don’t know anything about trading, you will be able to make your way around the platform. Do not be afraid of exploring the platform as you will only learn more about it. Check out the chart provided to analyze your trades and assets.

The carts make the trade easy for the beginner as they can thoroughly analyze what they want.

TopMarketCap Broker Review 2020 - Unbiased FX and CFD Broker Reviews - AreTheyLegit.com

Even the experts sometimes need a little more analysis on their trade. You will be able to see a complete list of assets for you to choose from along with options like closing position, settings, customer support and even customizing your chart as you would prefer it. The advanced chart lets you filter through the things that you want to see and things that you want to discard when you analyze your asset. It saves you time and makes you feel like a part of the platform that has a touch of your preference. Remember that this much freedom of using a trading platform and converting the interface to your liking isn’t available everywhere. You see that TopMarketCap wants its clients to feel comfortable while trading.

Variety of Account Types

As with everything else TopMarketCap also pays attention to the range of clients that visit the platform or even the new traders who want to explore and just start with trading with no experience on anything. So, the platform has come up with four distinct account types that will suit the requirements of each trader. As the account types consist of different levels of features so you can pick the account which you think will benefit your intellect of the trading scene. Do not be afraid to pick an account, you can always start with the Silver account, the first account with minimal features that are designed for beginners.

This way by selecting the Silver account for 250 Euros you can see for yourself if you want to continue with the platform and if so, you can always change your account type to Gold (10,000 Euros), Platinum (50,000 Euros), and lastly the VIP (invitation only) account type. From first to the last account the features keep on increasing. You will be able to get a personal dedicated senior account manager for your account. The broker will help with your trades and analysis. With each higher-level account type, you will receive full access, weekly or even monthly webinars, financial planning, risk management planning, Priority withdrawal process (level3,2,1), along with significant leverages up to 100, 200, 300, and 400.

Safety and Security Policies

TopMarketCap makes sure that their security is tight. They don’t play with any type of risk. This is the reason that they have placed multiple policies to make sure that rules and regulations are laid out and no one can breach them. The policies apply to both the customers around the world and the broker itself. Policies include Anti-Money Laundering, Bonus Policy, Withdrawal Refund and Cancellation Policy, Risk Disclosure Policy, Privacy Policy, along with all that they have drawn out their terms and conditions. So, there is no doubt that TopMarketCap takes security very seriously and harsh actions are taken if anyone even tries to breach the protocols.

This is the reason they have set up vast security checks on the identity of users. The platform makes sure that it is you who is requesting a certain change. In this way, they may ask you to provide some additional documents and tally them to your identity. Because of this, they can remove any threat or forestall any harm that causes use. Providing additional material to the platform may seem like it’s taking some of your time but always remember that this is for your security.  The platform is just following procedure when they ask you for your documents like ID card etc.

Contact Service Representatives

Contact service is an important factor in all trading platforms. More than that the Representative of the platform should be given more credit. They are the educated people of the platform that deal with the everyday concerns of the clients. TopMarketCap realizes that this is the driving force that keeps the clients happy, so they have taken extensive measures to ensure that they have highly educated representatives available at all hours. When you are connected on a live chat with a representative of the platform, they do their best to solve your issues within a matter of minutes. It is a skill to understand various concerns of the clients and come up with their desired solutions. TopMarketCap does an impeccable job at that.

Ultimate Financial Education

Education is one of the main things with regards to new traders and even sometimes experts must review some of the content. Education in general is considered very imperative in the trading world. As time goes and new information is generated every single day, one needs to stay on the tip of their toes to stay aware of all the market changes. Knowing the new trends and techniques is not always easy so people need to constantly brush up their skills. This is important for beginner level traders as they want to gain as much knowledge as possible. What better way to provide that knowledge than by just accessing your trading platform like TopMarketCap and get into their education center. They provide many eBooks that are digitally advanced to their clients. Not just the members of their platform but they provide all the eBooks, Glossary, Asset Index, and even FAQ sections to anyone who visits their site.

Do not be afraid to access these segments of the trading platform as they are designed specifically for you and your benefit. So, rack up those eBooks and start trading right away. What a great opportunity you are getting from this trading platform. I hope with time that they can increase the capacity of these eBooks.

Last words

I have tried my best to discuss everything that I could incorporate in this review. But the platform has much more to offer. You can always go to their site and experience their services yourself, too. If you are hesitant then start by taking their Silver account type as it will let you know how the platform works and slowly then upgrade your account to higher levels. My advice to you would be to not pass up on such a platform but in the end, the choice is yours.

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