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What should I remove from my car before I scrap it?

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Preparing your vehicle for scrapping is an extensive and time-consuming job. You not only have to give the car a thorough search to find and remove all personal belongings left in the car but there are also a few parts that you will do better to check out or remove before you actually hand it over. In order to avoid this tedious process many car owners choose to sell their cars as they are, but this may bring down the price by some degree. If you are looking for good value for your scrapped vehicle – here are a few things that you will like to do.

1. The license plates:

If you have decided to scrap your old car with Cash for Cars Sydney the number plates are the first thing that should be removed and make sure you remove both the front and the rear one. 

The license plates are registered with your local motor vehicles authority DMV and it is your responsibility to remove those and surrender them to the authority. Failing this can lead you to serious legal difficulties in case those number plates are misused for committing crimes or other unlawful activities.

2. Remove all personal items:

Give your car a good search that includes the glove compartments, pockets of seat covers. Under and between the seats and also the boot and spare tire compartment. This is to ensure that no valuable personal belongings or documents are left behind in the car. 

3. Extra accessories:

Most cars are fitted with a number of added accessories like car sound systems and car TVs, extra speakers, etc. Make sure that you salvage these products if they are still in good shape. 

People also tend to use a number of extra fittings to improve the functionality of the vehicle like – luggage rack fitted at the roof, trailer hitches, snow chains, or bike rack mounts and if your car has anyone or some of it attached to it, make sure that you have got them all removed before scrapping.

4. Plastic Fittings:

Scrap Car Removal Sydney deals in metal recycling and the presence of plastic will require them to remove the plastics first before scrapping the vehicle and this might get you a slightly lower price. If possible, get all plastic removed from your car at the time of preparing it for the recycler.

Getting your car ready for scrapping takes some time and you must also inform the Department of motor vehicles about the car being scrapped. You will also be required to

Originally posted 2021-10-20 19:45:18.

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